Mobile World Congress

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Putting AT&T on the World Stage

Mobile World Congress is the largest telecommunications conference in the world, and AT&T attends every year to build the company’s global presence.

You Are Here (YAH) has worked on AT&T’s presence since 2012, and in the last few years, YAH assumed full responsibility for design and execution on the roughly 3,000-square-foot space.  The booth tells the complete story of AT&T and its various business solutions.


The first step was understanding AT&T’s business needs and audience—something YAH excels at due to the agency’s long history working on the brand. Knowing Mobile World Congress Barcelona is used for connecting to business people and not the average consumer, YAH ensured the AT&T story covered the most relevant information like Connected Car, Internet of Things solutions, Manufacturing, Health, Robotics, and more.

YAH collaborated across AT&T divisions over months to bring these various stories together in one space. The team created experiences that engaged and educated consumers through videos, interactive touchscreens, and immersive Augmented Reality and VR solutions while giving AT&T salespeople crucial tools for delivering their message.

Members of the YAH team visited the space to take detailed pictures, videos and measurements. Environmental designers then worked to integrate the various experiences into a cohesive design that attracted attendees and left a lasting impression.


YAH delivered on all fronts at Mobile World Congress Barcelona, from strategy, to creative and technology, and event execution. The day after the conference, AT&T locked in for the following year to once again have YAH lead the design and execution.

“All I can say is wow.”

-Ralph De La Vega (Former) Vice Chairman of AT&T, Inc.