Campus Ambassadors

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Sampling is in session

Coca-Cola started the Campus Ambassador Program to reach college students before they’ve developed purchasing habits and, at the same time, to increase awareness for Coca-Cola brands and products.

The program never performed as well as hoped, so Coca-Cola hired YAH to completely redesign it.

The Process

YAH rebuilt the Campus Ambassador Program from the ground up and incorporated a major piece that was always missing: social amplification.

Starting with the ambassador selection process, YAH focused on hiring students who were active not only on campus, but on social media. The agency organized training during the summer where these new ambassadors were brought to Coca-Cola headquarters for a three-day immersion into the brand complete with a variety of speakers including the president of Coca-Cola North America.

YAH and Coca-Cola support these students by giving them all the tools they need to host successful events on campus. Each semester, these ambassadors hold 8-10 sampling events and are trained to handle every aspect including ordering product, logistics, engaging students and creating posts for social media.


In the three years since YAH took over, the agency grew the Campus Ambassador Program from 42 ambassadors to the 118 now involved each year across 100+ campuses. The students perform better than ever, in part because they feel supported; YAH created a digital resource hub to help ambassadors with a variety of guides and best practices for developing and executing campus events.

YAH has completely changed the way the program hires, incentivizes ambassadors, handles reporting and more, and the agency is continuing to refine, streamline and improve the program year over year.