Dasani Purefill

Strategy / UX Design / Creative / Mobile App Development / Vending Machine IA and UX

Reinventing refreshment

Coca-Cola came to YAH to create a companion app for their new innovation project: DASANI PureFill.

In response to colleges saying they want to eliminate non-reusable water bottles on campus, Coca-Cola created an environmentally friendly, and still profitable, PureFill water vending station. Consumers can take an empty bottle to the station and fill it up with DASANI for free or add flavors and carbonation for a small fee.

Coca-Cola piloted this project on the Georgia Tech campus, and the company needed help building the companion app, beginning with strategy and continuing through design and execution.

The Process

YAH worked with Coca-Cola developers to create the PureFill app which helps consumers find a PureFill station, place orders and track their hydration. The agency designed the app natively for both iOS and Android.

This straightforward brief actually proved to be quite complex, and YAH emerged as the perfect partner. With a rushed timeline, YAH developed the app strategy, designed the screens and user experience, managed the development of the app, and helped Coca-Cola navigate decisions based on research and experience.


New product development at a large company like Coca-Cola takes time, so the speed at which YAH was able to get this job done is a testament to the innovation and dedication of the team.

This pilot program proved so successful that Coca-Cola planned to expand to 20 machines by year’s end. YAH continues to be involved in that growth, and this project paved the way for the agency to take the lead in the development of an even larger project—the official Coca-Cola North America mobile app.