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Tackling fans where they live

For the past several years, NBC has enlisted You Are Here to concept, create and execute the NBC Sports Sunday Night Football Tour.

The main purpose of this vehicle is to be an overall fan-engagement experience, but it also offers local NBC affiliates an edge over competitors by providing engaging, exclusive content to draw in viewers. Data capture has also become a central goal—building up NBC’s database for newsletters, information and ultimately subscriptions to NBC’s streaming products.

It was NBC’s turn to broadcast the 2018 Super Bowl, so the goal of this project was to go bigger than ever before. YAH tapped into its previous experience with this project as well as its vast expertise in sports and experiential marketing to deliver a wow factor to fans across the country.

The Process

You Are Here took complete control over this project for the latest iteration. The agency began with vehicle selection then planned the NBC elements to showcase while focusing on creating an engaging fan experience.

When working with a space as limited as a tour bus, every element needs to be thought through to the tiniest detail. YAH planned the user flow to account for door location, length of interactions and space required to ensure fan entertainment throughout.

After all the planning, design and fabrication comes the actual tour. For 17 weeks, culminating in a 7-day Super Bowl LII activation, YAH took the bus around the country, stopping in a new local market each week.


NBC Sports measures success in two ways: physical counts at activations and data collection.

With those metrics in mind, NBC Sports was extremely pleased to see numbers exceeding last year’s despite limiting the season to one fewer week of activations: over 25,000 fans visited the bus and YAH captured more than 13,000 emails.

“It’s an awesome way to do grassroots marketing within the town that’s hosting the game,”

– Lyndsay Signor, Director of Social Media, NBC Sports