Augmented Reality launch

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Driving innovation at Porsche

As a luxury brand, Porsche puts an emphasis on creating a luxury buying experience. The company uses in-person consultations at dealerships to ensure customers purchase the fully customized car of their dreams. The issue is these high net worth individuals often don’t have the time to spend at the dealership picking out all the options. The solution? Bring the dealership to them.

You Are Here (YAH) developed an augmented reality app offering a comprehensive view of Porsche’s customization options with a sleek design that fits seamlessly into the brand.

The Process

Prior to You Are Here’s involvement, Porsche explored digital methods using laptops and iPads, but the experience never rose to the level needed to truly match the brand.

YAH solved this by bringing augmented reality to the table, and Porsche loved it. The company utilized the top-of-the- line graphics and resolution of Apple’s new AR technology to put virtual, fully customizable Porsche vehicles into the driveways and garages of potential customers.

You Are Here modeled the three cars featured in the app, each containing 2,000 individual pieces and a variety of color, material and finishing options. YAH took this experience even further by helping put together a partnership between Porsche and Apple to release the app alongside the launch of the iPhone 10. It proved to be a wild success.


Unsupported by any kind of campaign, the Porsche Experience augmented reality app earned a million impressions and almost 40,000 downloads. Impressive on its own, these numbers stand out even more when the two-month flight is factored in.

The response from Porsche has been overwhelming, and the project is considered a complete success.