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Putting it all on the table

How can American energy company Southern Company sum up its innovations across eleven states? That’s the challenge You Are Here (YAH) met with Augmented Reality in 2018. Employing easy-to-use tablets, executives and other VIPs can experience Southern’s innovation without complicated interactions or devices.


YAH worked with the team at Southern Company’s Energy Innovation Center in Atlanta to understand their many solutions and how to present them to visiting executives.

YAH built a lifelike, 3D digital city in Augmented Reality to highlight all the ways Southern Company solves problems for cities, businesses, and residential customers.

This city offers an engaging look at energy stories around city and residential settings. The tablet-based Augmented Reality experience is easy to use and supports visits of any length.


With a compelling and accessible experience, Southern Company is free to tell their growing innovation story as needs dictate, in the Energy Innovation Center or anyplace else.